Every home deserves a Trane. A tradition of quality that continues today.

For over 100 years, Trane has been building home comfort systems like no other thanks to their dedication to quality, innovation and reliability. Trane builds, patents, tests, and pushes their products to the extreme so you can enjoy an ideal home environment.

Every Trane system is tested in some of the most extreme conditions found in nature. They freeze, broil, stress, drop, shock, expose, listen and finally take ‘em home to ensure they’re truly unstoppable.


The Benefits of Heat Pumps

When you are thinking of installing or upgrading an HVAC system, consider the benefits of heat pumps!

  • Efficient systems that save up to 50% of energy costs
  • One system to keep your home comfortable year-round
  • High-quality, well-known brands
  • Free quotes
  • Emergency maintenance and flexible service contracts
  • Extended labour and parts warranties

Heat pumps take heat from one location and move it to another. They can be used to pull heat inside to heat a home and expel it to keep your space cool. Since they are simply moving heat rather than burning fuel to create it, they are much more efficient. This leads to less energy consumption and reduced utility bills.

Heat pumps are also preferred over standard HVAC systems because one system takes care of both heating and cooling. There’s no need to install two separate systems, leaving less room for breakdowns.

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